Beaming Energy To Child Trafficking

We beam energy to a situation whenever we do a 2nd Degree Reiki Training Course. At this particular course, as a group we decided that energy healing would be sent to "Child Trafficking Worldwide."

Our small group sat around the table, hooked up to our Spirit Teams and Reiki Guides, and we started beaming. (Sending energy over distance) 

Every single time, each person will have their own experience of what they are "shown" during the beaming session. In this blog I'll share with you what I was shown. Fair warning: This could trigger some people so read at your own discretion. However, the ending is beautiful.


With energy running through me and into the beaming, my Spirit Team showed me a dark underground tunnel. There was a woman, naked, chained to the concrete wall of the tunnel. She was bound at her hands, her neck and her feet.

She looked much older than she was, stringy hair, cheekbones of her face were protruding as were all the bones of her body, ribcage, knees. She hung limp on the wall with only the cuffed chains to support her.

This is all that my Spirit Team showed me. So I beamed energy to this woman. I was told that this was her life from a very young age. I'm not sure how she was brought into the tunnels to begin with, but since a baby, her body was used for sex. She was fed to keep up her energy, and repeatedly used to satisfy sexual rituals for men and women of the darker worlds. As she got older - it felt like she was in her early 20's - she was no longer needed so she was cuffed and chained to the tunnel wall and left to die.

I felt that she represented hundreds of years of child trafficking, so this beaming was not simply going to one woman, but to hundreds of years or hundreds of timelines of child abuse in the tunnels.

I beamed. I thought to myself  "Gosh, how long has this been going on for". I observed. I did not attach myself to what I was seeing. In order to be a clear channel, we need to remain emotionally detached from our focal point during healing.

As I continued beaming healing energy to this person, she started changing. Her hair slowly became soft and shiny. Her cheekbones started filling in with health, as did her whole body. Her skin cleared up and grew more and more vibrant.

She slowly lifted her head, her eyes filled with a quiet peace that I never thought someone in this situation could have. Her body filled out entirely to a vision of pure health and beauty with  a growth of spiritual experience beyond measure. 

She smiled at me in gratitude as the chains broke away from her neck, hands and feet. Her joy and love, overwhelming.

In that instant, it felt like thousands of children were now free to "go Home" - Rest in peace. 

To this day I remain humbled at the experiences I am shown in my Minds Eye during Reiki healing. 2nd Degree Reiki Beaming always amazes me and I am forever grateful to be able to be a channel for this incredible healing energy to flow through.








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