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The arms are associated with the heart chakra. The right side of the body represents the physical journey. The left, spiritual.

My spirit team shows me many different things when I have my Reiki hands over specific parts of a clients body.

With my hands over the right arm, I've been shown clients pushing away people - pushing away love. Sometimes it's because they are too independent and feel they don't need any help. Sometimes it's because they feel like they don't deserve this love help. There are so many different reasons because people are all going through their own experiences. And every way is absolutely perfect!


Sometimes with my hands over right arm, I see that arm opening outward to accept a hug, to welcome love, to embrace possibilities.  Reading energy and passing this information onto the client is completely up to them to translate. Energy is open to translation. I simply explain what I was shown, and client can figure it out from there.

The left arm often shows me spirit. This could be part of the clients spirit team or a passed over loved one that walks beside them from time to time.

With hands over the heart chakra, sometimes I pick up on anger or sadness that is held in the heart energy. This can be emotions that the client has around someone else, or emotions that they have for themselves. Lack of self love lives here too. Abundance of self love also. 

If you'd like me to tune in to your energy during a Reiki session, check this out. Sessions can also be held over distance as well and all information is passed on to you via email or facebook messenger. 

Matters of the heart can be such a complex thing for many people, and when they let go of resistance, ahhh . . . so much energy flow. It's a beautiful thing xo

With Love - Kelly








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