Snake Warning - It Started as a Dream, Then A Voice, To Reality! 

I was feeding our friends cat  while they were on holiday.  A few nights into the cat care, I had a dream.

I dreamt that I was at their place giving the cat her morning meal and there was a small brown snake in the house.

I woke suddenly and thought to myself "that was a weird dream". I went back to sleep, not thinking too much of it.


That morning I woke, did my morning things around the house and then drove to our friends house to feed the cat again.

I pulled into the driveway, got out of the car, approached the front door and then a voice came into my mind. It said 

"Look out for the snake"

Omg! First the dream and now a voice. I decided to go in slowly, cautiously, feed the cat and get out.

Done. All good. No drama. Not a snake to be seen. However, I knew I had to let my friends know as they were coming home that afternoon.

I rang my friend and told her about the dream. I then told her about the voice that came into my mind and mentionedthat I had not seen any snake on my quick visit this morning. 

She thanked me and told the rest of the family. Sure enough, that night as they were settling in . . . .  there it was. Under the couch, a small brown snake. Phew! 

The snake was removed and all was well.  So I give thanks to my Spirit Team and Intuition for the dream, for the voice and for friends that were open to listening ;) Just amazing! 








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