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Sunshine Coast 2 Day Retreat

This retreat workshop is no longer running. New workshops have now taken its place so we can all keep up with the new energies that we continue to play in day by day. Check out retreats here . . . . and workshops here.

The "Everything Is Connected" Wellness Retreat Experience Will Give You The Hands-On Understanding For You
To Know How To Heal And Balance Your Mind, Body and Energy! 

This Retreat is Designed for Complete Self Discovery and Healing. It's the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with yourself as you strip away the layers of your life and look at it in the clear, uncomplicated light of day.



Why This Retreat?

The "Everything Is Connected" Wellness Retreat is a hands-on training experience  designed to activate your brain’s limitless potential and your natural intuitive healing abilities.

Join Energy Healing Master and Mindset Coach Kelly Flack on a two-day inner and outer journey towards positive thought triggers, focused mindset, spirit team connections, crystal therapy and full body chakra balancing.

Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, student, or just someone looking to unlock the full power of your mind and energy – you’ll experience life-changing elevations in your relationships, money, health and self growth as you shatter every inner limitation that has ever dared hold you back.

Mindset - Saturday  



Learn how to easily build up a positive mindset to get rid of negative self talk, improve your health, boost your confidence,  uplift your relationships, amplify your finances, regain control of your thoughts, your emotions and your future to live a comfortable happy balanced life.



Elevate relationships with your partners, children & workmates by using a simple strategy that will see everyone around you change for the better (and they won't even know it)
Experience bringing  balance to your health by understanding how to bring balance to your most dominant thought patterns

Get excited as you release poverty thoughts & build a prosperity mindset by raising your vibrational energy around allowing more money into your life experience

You'll be amazed at how easily you will build your self confidence as you use a technique that will get rid of any negative self talk any time you need it


Chakras - Sunday  



Fast track your healing abilities and fully realise how you are affecting your chakra energy and how you can change it all. Bring your entire body back into complete energetic balance by clearing and recharging your energy centres.



Eradicate aches and pains for yourself, your loved ones & pets to feel free and completely balanced
Feel happier as you easily remove any heavy energy from yourself within a matter of minutes
You will experience a clear and calm mind and be able to heighten your intuition as you grow within yourself
Community Group & Ongoing Support To Help You Every Step Of the Way



What Do I Get?


The Mindset Empowerment Formula includes

  • 8 - 10  hour full day live workshop
  • Certificate of completion
  • Mindset Empowerment Formula Online Course valued at $197 (Yours free!) 
  • 10 day follow -up Mindset On Track System to keep your mind on track when you get back home.
  • Mindset Empowerment Toolkit 
  • Thought Awareness Guided Meditation mp3
  • The Weight Loss Mindset Guide - for those that feel the need to shed a bit of weight. Complete with recipes and daily eating plans.
  • Neural Pathway Builder to "rewire your brain"
  • Positive Self Talk to build confidence
  • Powerful Booster page



The Chakra Energy Healing Workshop Includes

  • 8 - 10  hour full day live workshop
  • Certificate of completion
  • A 13 day online course with guided videos of what to do and how to do it valued at $197 (Yours free!)
  • Crystal pendulum energetically chosen by YOU
  • Fully guided chakra balance mp3 audio
  • Over 100 videos and tutorials to play at your own pace when you get home. You will be able to follow along with these to keep you on track with your energy healing from home



2 Day Sunshine Coast Retreat Itinerary


Saturday - Day 1

8.30am - 9.00am - Arrive at the retreat home and settle in for the day ahead (Retreat home info is provided when you secure your spot)
                                - You are welcome to use fridge and microwave. BYO food for lunch breaks. Refreshments, tea and coffee are provided

9.00am - Opening of retreat workshops with a healing dolphin meditation, Spirit Team Connections and introductions
9.45am -  Gentle conscious walking steps to loosen up and make a cuppa before we begin 

10.00am - Lay foundations for your mind. Understand your Inner guidance, body language, conscious conversation.
11.00am - Morning tea break, stretch, cuppa.

11.30am - Learn the power of good questions and how to use visualisation with purpose.
               - Self healing awareness around health
               - Stop negative thought in its tracks (Your thoughts affect every one of your 7 main chakra energy  centres)
               - Self healing awareness around relationships
               - WWIT vibrational release exercises

1.00pm - Lunch break (Kelly will do some chakra checking in preparation for tomorrow)

2.00pm - Self healing awareness around money
               - Vibrational abundance alignment
               - Inspiration notes and resources
               - Energy flows where attention goes
               - Attracting or improving a relationship (Your new story)

3.00pm - Stretch and cuppa break
               - Kelly will check more chakras in preparation for tomorrow

3.30pm - Aligning with the career or job that you are passionate about and the financial success it brings (Creating your new story)
              - Manifesting your dream home (Getting specific and using your energy on purpose to allow for manifestation)
              - Self Love exercise using your new stories to build belief and confidence within Beautiful You

5.00pm - Be awarded your Mindset Empowerment Formula certificate of completion
               - Open talk circle of your next steps for when you get home

6.00pm - End of day. Gratitude and thank Spirit Team. Close.
               - Return to your accommodation for dinner and a good nights sleep. You'll need it for tomorrow ;) 

 Sunday - Day 2

8.45am - 9.00am - Arrive at the retreat home and settle in for the day ahead 
                                - You are welcome to use fridge and microwave. BYO food for lunch breaks. Light refreshments, tea and coffee are                                            provided

9.00am - Opening of the day with the "Get Big" process to expand your energy along with Spirit Team Connections
               -  Make a cuppa before we begin 

9.30am - Energy Centres - what they are and how they move
               - Energy work with choosing pendulums, oracle cards and psychic development
               - Getting started with your pendulum

11.00am - Morning tea break, stretch, cuppa.

11.30am - Understanding Your "Quick Reference Chakra Table"
               - Pinpoint your current chakra energy
               - Calling your Guides to you for help with energy work
               - In small groups, check chakra energy and record the results

1.30pm - Lunch break 

2.00pm - Learn to read your "Chakra Meanings Quick Reference Guide" 
               - Relax as you are guided through a complete full body chakra balance for yourself

3.30pm - Stretch and quick cuppa break

3.45pm - Feel the energy of affirmations for each chakra
              - Pep talk exercise
              - In small groups, clear and balance another persons chakra energy

5.30pm - Be guided through a quick and easy process to clear your own energy from the work you have done
              - Be awarded your "Chakra Energy Healing Course" certificate of achievement
              - Open talk circle of your next steps for when you get home

6.00pm - End of day. Gratitude and thank Spirit Team. Close.
               - Return to your accommodation for dinner and a good nights sleep.

End of itinerary


How Much Does It Cost?

General Cost is $500 and includes everything listed above. 
The full payment must be completed in full by  . . . . .   (4 weeks prior to the retreat commencement date) 

Early Bird Cost is $400 when paid in full by . . .. (3 months prior to retreat commencement date) 

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking your spot. 
Payments by instalments are available.

HOW TO PAY: Kelly will email you bank details to make your payment to when you fill out the form below.

Please read the Retreat Terms and Conditions Cancellation Policy to understand costs around refunds and cancellations. 

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Accommodation and meals are to be organised by you. They are not included in the retreat pricing. There are many apartments and holiday homes nearby. Here are some of the cheaper options ranging from $60 per night. You can view more accommodations here - AccomCaloundra  and a variety  to choose from Google Search. 

Contact Kelly directly via the form below to enquire or make your booking.


Sunshine Coast "Everything Is Connected" Support Form

What would you like to do ?

Would you like to share accommodation with another participant to cut costs?

As soon as you submit your form it will be sent to Kelly. She will then be in touch with you to answer your questions or provide you with bank details to make your payment. Thank you

Support groups as mentioned in the video, are now simply via the main Facebook page here 


"Prior to joining this Mindset Program, I was not sure where to start. Lost track a bit. Since the program, I now have a much better frame of mind, quietened the not so good mind chatter, seeing clearer, positive and happy and am more aware of how powerful the mind is with intention. I highly recommend this program. The content, the follow up support and guidance from Kelly is awesome. Thank you for your time and effort. Love it! Cant wait to see what doors open" - Lisa B, Oakey
Hi Kelly, Thank you for your Energy program and your hospitality for the day.  It was very amazing, and has given me some really useful strategies.  Thank you for sharing your passion.  It truly is infectious.  I know I have a lot of growing to do, now I have much clearer picture of where I need to grow and also, most importantly HOW I need to grow.
I call you the psychologist for smart people, and I stand by it.  Thank you. ~ Kind Regards, Denise P (Toowoomba, QLD)
It was absolutely amazing meeting you! To be Completely honest, participating in your program is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  Since doing your Mindset Program and talking about the way we think about life, I am looking at the world & "things" differently.
I have really put into practice everything you taught us about being positive (energy goes where attention flows - I think that's right, right? Lol ) and I have found that I am so happy. I mean, I thought I was happy before.... but this is a whole new level!  I'm feeling better than ever! - Kind Regards, Michelle. L (Seven Hills, NSW)
The Energy Program was great! I really loved the feeling of the energy pulling on the crystal during the chakra check.
And, the strong feeling that I wasn't alone. I couldn't explain it at the time, but now I believe there was a presence with me, wether it was one of my protecting angels, or someone from the other side. I can't wait until I can actually get messages from them. I just need to stop and listen. Big hugs, miss you all xx - Sandra S (Seven Hills, NSW) 
"Before learning about your Mindset Program, I was in a very bad place, my thinking was negative a lot of the time, and I was stagnating.I had to step out of my comfort zone to even attend and I am so glad I did, as I met some of the loveliest people. Not once did anyone not make me feel welcome. My whole outlook on life and people is changing, I am thinking much more positive now, still a work in progress, this program has got me on the right track. I have learned a lot, and I feel I am more aware of my thoughts. This journey with you Kelly has been amazing!"  ~ Sharon D. Toowoomba 

Everything Is Connected - Wellness Retreat Experience



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