Introduction To Working With Crystals - Extras

Here are  a few extras that can enhance your working with crystals journey.  Please watch the videos as they will help to keep you on track. Some of the videos mention other things as well. Please disregard those other things as the first 3 videos are part of the Unlock Your Inner Healer Program and refer to materials relating to the online course :)



Refer to page 3 from our class together - "Using Your Crystals For Healing"

Remember to have your crystals laid out and ready before playing the "Rock Breathing Meditation"  follow along video. Its an 18 minute crystal healing session so make sure you're in a comfortable position.

During class you were also able to "remove your nose from you face" . . . this part is not included in the video but remember it and use it if it helped you :)

On completion of your session, please drink PLENTY of water to help with energy flow AND refer to page 1 and 2 - "Cleansing and Crystal Care" to remove any energy from your crystals that they may have picked up from you during your session. 

Please let me know how you did in the comments below. 



Refer to page 4 - "Programming Your Crystals" 

Use the "Get Big" Energy Process to get your energy BIG and clean and fresh so that you can program your crystals with an open heart.

The meditation to "Get Big" goes for 11 minutes so be comfortable. This meditation can be used any time you feel the need to expand yourself and allow any dross and heaviness to simply fall away xo

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Enjoy your new Team :) xo






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