Congratulations on Completing Your
Reiki 2nd  Degree Training Day 

Here's to the beautiful energies of 2022 (when this page was birthed)  and beyond . . .

Remember, if it's taking a while for attunement energies to settle, tell your Guides to please back off for a while so you can function as a human for the day, and bring it back on again when your body goes to sleep. 

Please keep this page for YOU only (students only) as it contains privileges for students if you choose to take advantage of them. Also, your class photo is below :) 


This first video explains what I went through after my 2nd degree Reiki attunement.  (apologies for out of synch words and lips)  I also encourage you to be able to share your attunement story with YOUR students if you plan on going for all degrees and holding beautiful classes of your own  one day :) 


Drawing Cho Ku Rei


2nd Degree Training Day 05/03/22 Gowrie Junction, QLD, Australia

Gowrie Junct, QLD Australia



Drawing Sei Hei Ki


Space for more future class pics


Space for more future class pics


Remember to Use  Protection Symbols 

The Energy Stealer

Using Reiki Symbols for protection


Driving Through Reiki Symbols

Walking Through Reiki Symbols


Distance Reiki to a Person


Distance Reiki to a Pet


Distance Reiki to a Situation

The plane crash

Tropical cyclone


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Symbols for Other Things

Symbols for auras

Symbols for things big and small



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Reiki will continue to grow us the more we use it. Feel free to come back to this page whenever you feel the need. More stories will be added over time as my own personal growth continues. Enjoy them. I'm sure you'll have your own stories as you go along with your Reiki journey too.  If you have any questions, just send me a message and ask xo Enjoy the energy that you absolutely are!

Much Love,


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