Reiki Talk 2

#ReikiTalk  "When the student is ready the teacher appears"

This Buddhist proverb is so true when it comes to Reiki.

Reiki has a certain way of finding people. You may have been guided to Reiki or felt drawn to or nudged to learn more about Reiki. This is Source energy that we are dealing with here ?  

Reiki has an intelligence of its own so it knows where it is needed at all times. Reiki is not trademarked or patented. Reiki belongs to humanity. Do not assume that you need to belong to an association of some kind, to be a credible practitioner.

The only reason you might want to belong to an association is because of the benefits that the association provides itself. After all, when Dr Mikao Usui became attuned to the Reiki Consciousness, there were no associations involved. Just himself and Divine Source Energy.

People will be drawn to you as a person. Allow Reiki to grow you in your own unique ways. If you allow it, Reiki can help you to uncover some of your most precious hidden gifts. You just need to get out of your own way and let your intuition guide you. ❤

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