Is Lymphedema Slowing Down Someone You Know?

Is lymphedema slowing you down? Would you like more relief from lymphedema so you can be a bit more active with life?

Swelling from fluid retention can be so frustrating. It can limit your movements and make some of the most simple things in life seem so awkward like putting on clothing and sometimes shoes or jewellery just won't fit anymore. 

This can cause annoyance, lower self esteem and feelings of not being able to do what you really want to do. 

Family members can also be affected and feel hopeless not being able to help you.

Lymphedema is a swelling caused by a build up of lymph fluid in a specific area. Energy healing supports and accelerates the bodys own natural ability to heal as it helps any built up energy to move along freely, to alleviate pain cleanse the body of toxins. 

Energy healing has the potential to bring down the swelling so you can feel better and move more easily.

My name is Kelly and I am an Energy Healing Master. I have been providing my energy healing services since 2013. If you're in the Toowoomba area you may have seen me over the years at some of our big events such as the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival which brings in around 18,000 people a year. 

I have also participated in the Australian Psychic Expo events providing my energy healing services as well as the You Can Heal Yourself Expos and of course, the many workshops that I hold in person.

I remember a lady that I use to visit every week. I would go to her place and we have have cake and a cuppa and a chat. I was just keeping her company for a few hours a week.

As time passed, I learned about the lymphedema that she lived with. It affected both of her legs and some days she had so much trouble walking. 

I explained Reiki to her and told her it was basically healing with energy. I asked if she wanted me to place my hands on her knees and just see if anything would happen for her.

She agreed. Very skeptical but with an open mind . . . She sat in a chair and I placed one hand on top of her knee and the other hand below her knee and I let the energy healing flow.

I remember her face as her jaw dropped. I smiled and asked whats going on - my hands still on her knee.

"Thats incredible. Your top hand is boiling hot and your lower hand is like ice" she said.

As an energy healer, I didn't feel any of this. The energy will work to suit the persons needs that is receiving it. I just place my hands and allow it to flow. It really i amazing how it all works. 





After about 10 minutes on one knee, I moved my hands to her other knee and continued with energy healing for another 10 minutes.

After I had finished, we had a laugh about it and a talk. She got up to walk me to the door and couldn't believe it. The pain in her legs that was there earlier, had gone. She could walk with ease.

I went back, same day the week after as usual and even though the pain had returned, she said she had complete relief for 4 days after she had received he energy healing. Needless to say, part of out cake, cuppa and chat also now included energy healing :) 

I can guarantee you that energy healing from me, will not hurt. There is no manipulation of the skin involved. No pressure. No removal of clothing. It's simply me, gently putting my hands over the area that needs some relief, and the healing energy does the rest. 

There is a potential risk involved and that is simply, that nothing will happen for you and you would have wasted 20 minutes of your time. But that's all.

You'll never know if this will work for you until you have a go. Why carry around this frustration or even this pain, for longer than you need to? 

Have a go. Click here to see what events I'll be at and book a time to come and see me for a session. 

If you're ready for some relief from what lymphedema might be causing in your life, I look forward to helping you. See you soon. 

Until next time,  take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly

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