Using Crystals Energy and Spirit For Healing

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Everything is energy. It's what we're all made of, so being able to work with energy, is part of our spiritual nature during this human experience. During this program, (or this free weekly email) you will work with crystals, energy and spirit.

Crystals are vibrational energies and crystals can give you a reading of chakra energy to see if it's blocked, imbalanced or spinning efficiently.  Certain crystals can also charge up certain energy centres for your body.

As well as using crystals, you can also use your own hands on energy, for energy healing of yourself, family, friends and pets.  When we begin moving blocked energy by using energy healing, it's very important that we have protection. Remember, everything is energy and we are all spirit, playing in a physical body.

Tuning into your spirit team is the safest way to use and work with energy healing of any kind.  Spiritual protection is a must because remember, you are spirit playing in a human form. Play safe. 

Another important step of energy healing, is being able to clear  yourself of energy that might not belong to you, after you have completed a healing session on another person or a pet. Clearing yourself is very easily achievable and it only takes a minute. No drama at all. 

The more you work with energy and your spirit team, the more you will begin opening yourself up, to be able to sense, feel, hear and see the energy fields of other people. This is spiritual self development and as you go through this beautiful process, you could even pick up on messages that might come through from spirit and begin communications with crystals and those from beyond the veil. 



Here on earth, in the physicalness of it all, we often get lost in thought and the heaviness that comes with being lost in thought. We need to remember that even though physical, we are still spirit, and as spirit, we can easily tap back into Home. It's where we've come from, it's what we are, and it exists here and there. 

Energy  healing means  working with the love, the communication, the intuition and the knowing of Home. Everything is energy and everything is connected

When you use your mind and your energy on purpose, hand in hand, you can make positive impacts on every area of your life for exponential growth, and deep down inside, you know that growth, is ultimately what we are all here for. 

Permanent positive life changes can easily be made. The first step, is making the decision to do so!

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