Can You Hear Crystals Too?


When I had started using Reiki as a first degree practitioner, I remember I had my husband on the massage table, in this very room here, and he was lying on his tummy because he had some back issues.

As I was doing energy healing on my husband, I got an image of a crystal that I had. It was probably only one of only three different crystals that I had lying around the house and I'd never used them before.

So this picture of carnelian; here it is, I still have it to this day - it showed itself here in my mind. And in my mind, it was lying on a specific part of my husbands back. I shook it off. I didn't know what was happening so I just kept on using my hands for energy healing. The picture of the crystal (in my mind) came back again. Same place on my husbands back and I thought "okay, this is interesting" . . . but I didn't listen again (giggle) It takes me a little while

But then it came through again and I said to my husband "just hang on a sec, I've gotta go get something"

So I ran down the hallway to our bedroom. I knew that this crystal was on the bedside table, hidden under books and what ever else was lying there so it was just covered in dust, and I found it. 

It had a film of dust over it so I wiped it off, because I'd never used it. I didn't know anything about crystals at all. So I came back, dusted it off, stood next to my husband, saw the picture again in my mind, and I just did what it was saying.




I put it on my husbands back and as soon as I did that he went "ahhhh"

And I'm thinking "ho, this is pretty cool" (giggle) you know. 

Something happened and ever since that day, I use crystals. I do pretty much, what they tell me to do. 

So my husband had some kind of pain release then just by putting the crystal where it showed me that it wanted to be.

So do you hear crystals too? Let me know in the comments below and what kind of crystals do you work with?

Anyway, have fun with the crystals and the extra journey they can provide for yourself, for your healing, for your life!

There's so many different things that they can take you through.

  • different places around the home where they can sit
  • crystals to raise the energy of rooms
  • crystals for children
  • different crystals for sleeping
  • for the mind etc

Do some Googling. Google something that you need help with, and a crystal that could go with it. Have fun with them. They are very powerful little beings to be able to work with. 

Until next time,  take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly

Have You Used Crystals For Healing Before?
Let Us Know In The Comments below  :) xo - Kelly


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