6 Steps For Getting To Know  And Work With Crystals 


Go to a shop near you that sells crystals :)

If you have some kind of dis-ease or ailment, unwanted thought patterns or recurring dreams (or anything you can think of), just let the shop owner know and they will be able to point you in the direction of a crystal that could provide a solution for you . . . . . or just go to the crystal shop to simply spend some time with the crystals:) If you want to be able to check chakras using crystals, you will need to get a crystal pendulum so keep that in mind :)

Take a look at the crystals. Hold them. "Feel" them. Look into them. See their lines and indents, see them for who they really are. It is quite possible that one or more crystals will resonate with you so much that you will need to buy it and take it home with you.

When you get your crystal home, you will need to attune your energies with it before you begin work together 

Gently hold your crystal under soft running water (tap will do) and imagine the water washing away all of the energies of those who might have harvested the stone, tumbled it, polished it, held it in the shop. Your crystal is being cleansed 



Next, spend some time with your crystal. Hold it in your hands and imagine a lovely purity around it. Send it your love. Ask that it be able to assist you on your journey - basically, talk to it :) Respect your crystals as they are beings in their own right.

Now that you have made a bond, take a little time each day to sit quietly with your crystal and ask for its help and guidance when ever you feel you might need it
Just hold it in your hands .... you might be guided to place the crystal on a part of your body and if this happens, just go with it. Its all good xx


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