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These videos are filmed live via my Facebook Page and will be added to this web page and this Youtube playlist as we go along. There are many more videos to come. I welcome you on this chakra journey with me. Enjoy :) 


As mentioned in the video, CLICK HERE to be taken to the page of videos :

  • How your thought affects your entire life
  • How thoughts affect our reality
  • The park bench technique
  • The cat and mouse technique
  • How to cancel a negative thought and why it's so important


As mentioned in the video CLICK HERE to be taken to the page of : videos, PDF access and the working with crystals article.

  • Keep it  Simple video
  • 2 Methods of Choosing a Crystal
  • No Brainer Crystal Placement
  • Clearing Crystals
  • Getting Started With Chakras and Crystal Pendulums


Coming Up . . .

Connecting With Spirit Team 

  • Calling Archangel Michael for protection
  • Calling Guides to help with energy healing work (PDF)
  • Belly breathing explanation
  • How to call your guides to you to help with healing work (Video)
  • Follow along with this video to call your guides to you


Checking Chakra Energy

  • Prepping for chakra checks
  • Chakra Check Tutorial Video
  • Check Chakras from top to bottom
  • Download chakra check charts
  • How to hold your pendulum
  • Pendulum movements and meanings
  • Download Chakra Check Quick Reference Guide
  • Chakra Check Follow Along Video
  • Using your Chakra Meanings Quick Reference Guide


Self Chakra Balance

  • Self chakra balance prep
  • How to give yourself a chakra balance
  • Download the Self Chakra Balance Mp3 Audio
  • No time for balancing? Watch this video


Remove Heavy Energy From Self and Home

  • Everything is energy
  • We pick up heavy energies during our day
  • 5 powerful ways to remove energy that do not belong to you
  • Remove energies you might pick up from healing another
  • The Peel Back Method
  • About Cutting Cords
  • Cutting Cords Exercise
  • Clapping hands to clear your home of negative energies
  • Clear your home with sage
  • Clear your home with Reiki
  • Raising room energy with crystals
  • Clearing a room with your spirit team
  • White lighting your home


Clear and Balance Others

  • Remain emotionally detached during healing
  • Remember this when doing energy healing on another person
  • Chakra Balance Tutorial Video
  • Chakra Balance Follow Along Video


Breakthrough Video Avalanche (Get out of your own way!)

  • 17 videos to help you get out of your own way when healing


Chakras Recap


Using Energy Healing For Pets and Wildlife

  • Sherbert and Cashews healing story
  • Energy healing at petting zoos
  • Healing horses and the haunted horse arena
  • The washed up turtle on the Sunshine Coast
  • A message from a cat for his owner to heal him
  • Seeing chicken heaven through Reiki eyes
  • Bubble and Squeak - A mouses tale
  • In memory of Lu - the most awesome cockatiel


Distance Energy Healing


Chakra Resources To Keep Yourself in Balance






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