Working With Crystals

 Work your way down the page one step at a time. Don't skip anything. You've got this!

Watch the 44 second video :  Remember To Keep It Simple

Action Step 

For today, if you do not yet have a crystal pendulum, you will need to begin at step 1 in the article above, and follow the 6 steps to working with crystals so that you and your pendulum will be ready for checking chakras as you make your way through this course.

While you're out picking up a crystal pendulum, you might want to get 7 more crystals to use when you do your energy healing treatments as well. Crystals are energetic beings in their own right and they vibrate at certain frequencies.

I have added Crystal Videos below that will help you with choosing a crystal, placing crystals on the body for chakra energy healing, and clearing crystals to keep your energy work clean.

Watch the video :
2 Methods of Choosing A Crystal

Watch the video :
No Brainer Crystal Placement

See why it's important to clear your crystals regularly and take a look at the crystal that has done thousands of healings. ❤

Watch this video :
Clearing Crystals 

Getting Started With Chakras and Crystal Pendulums is a 6 page easy to follow pdf guide which includes detailed information on:

  • Energy Centres ~ What they are and how they move
  • Working with your pendulum and energy centres
  • Easy to follow steps of getting to know your pendulum before you begin working with them
  • Easy to follow steps of how to cleanse, care for and recharge your crystals
  • The layout of the seven main chakras so you know where to place your crystal pendulum for a chakra check
  • Quick reference chakra table to see what blocked and imbalanced chakras could be causing in your physical body, external reality and the thought pattern that could be associated with creating the blockage or imbalance

A very handy, easy to understand guide and quick reference to getting started with chakras and crystal pendulums.

Read through your new pdf guide and keep it handy because you'll be using the guide as you work on people 🙂

Everything in the guide will be thoroughly explained to you as you make your way through this course. Get ready for some "A-ha" moments 😉

Make a bond with your crystal pendulum as soon as you can because in the next section we will discuss calling Guides to help us with healing energy work. Your Guides will be the ones that help you when the time comes to heal your chakra energies within your own body - heal your life, literally!

Until next time, take care of you and enjoy the energy that you absolutely are!

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo


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