Energy Healing Hand Positions Versus Intuitive Positions

Energy healing for other body parts. So you've done the chakras, you know what they are, you know what's in them and how they became blocked or imbalanced . . . but what if someone's got a sore knee?

That's part of the root chakra, yeah sure, but . . . we're putting our hands on the knee area (not over an actual chakra) 

I have people come to me that are "by the book" oriented so they need to see a picture in a book, to know where to place their hands. 

This is energy remember, so when it comes to going by hand positions in a book versus intuitive positions - always go with the intuitive positions that come to mind.

This is your team helping you. This is your inner guidance saying "hey, your hands need to be here right now for energy healing"

Go "by the book" until your intuition heightens and then allow your intuition to lead the way instead.

So if you feel drawn to a part of the body where you need to put your hands, do it. Don't put them in "rude" places, you know; the boobs and down there - obviously. You'll get in big trouble.

This is personal space we're talking about. If work does need to be done in these areas, do a hands-off healing instead.

You don't have to go whacking your hands on another person. That's a personal thing. Keep your hands off. But otherwise, yeah, put hands on, let them know by saying "I'm just gonna put my hands on your knees", and then put your hands on their knees if you feel inclined to do so.

Even on the back of a person, around the neck area and shoulders. This is where a lot of people have a lot of trouble because it's like they're carrying the "weight of the world" around with them.

So if you have friends or family that have sore neck or sore shoulder problems, hook up to your team, turn your hands on, sit them in a chair and just put your hands over their shoulders.

You might be intuitively guided to move your hands up to the neck, put them around the back of the neck area.

Just go with what feels best for you. Play around with hand positions. There is no "by the book" thing. Unless you're studying Reiki but then I even tell my Reiki students,

"here's a book. These are the hand positions but you don't have to go by the book"

Don't go by the book. Throw the book out - at least put it to one side when you start trusting your intuition :) 

Do what you are intuitively guided to do. This is your team. These are your guides. Your In-Tuition teaching you where you need to be next. Just go with it. Trust yourself. 

Until next time,  take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly






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