#3 Calling Guides For Help With Energy Work

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Watch the "Archangel Michael Protection" video below


Regardless of what side of the veil we're on, we're all in this together ~ Kelly Flack

Whether we are working with energy to heal ourselves or working with energy to heal others, or just working with energy for answers in general, we need to play safe.

You may have experienced walking into a room and feeling like you are being talked about ...... maybe you have spoken of something that you are so passionate about and then little bumps form on your skin ...... sometimes you might 'feel' like there is someone behind you as you are reading or watching a movie ...... many people 'think' of a friend calling, and then the phone rings ....... you might encounter times when the hairs on your arms stand on end as you are walking into a scary situation .....

Everything is energy and everything is connected so call upon your Guides and Spirit Team to assist you in any energy work that you might be wanting to experiment with or perform.

Energy work could be doing healing, checking chakra energy, using oracle cards, asking for advice from spirit, channelling, grounding, or removing stresses from your body, just to name a few.


Watch "Calling Your Guides To You For Help With Energy Work"



Follow The Next 3 Easy Steps

1. Get comfortable (light some incense or burn some oils if you're into calming  aromas)

2. Play the 'Calling Guides Follow Along' video below and listen to my voice

3. Follow along in your mind to call your guides to you for help with energy healing work. 



Remember that words are energy and energy flows where your attention goes.

You can practise calling your guides whenever you want to and when you do, you can speak the words out aloud or you can say the words in your mind.

Close your eyes if you feel comfortable to do so.

Choose any words that you might resonate with from the examples and add in your own lines. Keep it simple :)

Gentle music and relaxing fragrances can help you to get the 'feeling' of the whole experience.

As you 'call' help to you, you will begin to become more aware of a 'connection' to the help that you have called. Remember, everything is energy! You might get a feeling, or a picture in your mind, or the hairs on your arm might rise, maybe you feel a breeze, or you might get some idea that was never there before - shhhh - listen 

This is how your guides will communicate with you and the more you calm your mind, call them, shut up and listen - the stronger your connection will become.

Over time, you will come up with your own 'Calling' that will suit you best.

Call your spirit team every morning before you get out of bed to help you with the day ahead and every night as you go to bed to help you with a great nights sleep.This will help you to not only practise, but to build up your connection with them.

When they see how serious and dedicated you are at wanting to connect, it will happen so much more easily. 

It will only take one minute each time - too easy!

Next week, we'll get into laying foundations for your mind as you build a positive strong mindset that will help to get your life completely on track. We're just getting warmed up here. Stick with it!

Until then, keep on deleting negative thought, keep on calming your mind and practise calling your guides to you every day. This is YOUR Spirit Team. It's time to start working with them.

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo


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Be patient with this process. Remember, we're in this for the long haul. 
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