Poetry by Kelly

A Collection of Poetry Written Over the Years, Inspired by Heart and Spurred on by Spirit


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You Are The Strong One

So much to 'feel'. So much to love. Beautiful words dance across a page that brings tears to ones eyes. A rememberance, perhaps of another time, another world, another journey.


The Light That Shines Inside

I saw "Pain" in bed tonight and all her friends were there. "Anger", "Sadness", "Hatred" and "No-one Really Cares"
They came to start a party in a mind-space of my headI was feeding them emotions and I couldn't get to bed.


Someone Threw Down Their Weapon Today

Someone threw down their weapon today.
They said "no more", and walked away.
A tear was shed and a smile was had
As the person said quietly, "no more bad" ... 









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