Drums First Beat


My NZ Deer Drum was born 3 weeks ago. I remember when we were told that we had to allow our drums time to dry and heal before we played them.  I thought to myself

"I can't wait 3 weeks!"

... but I did.

The Saturday rolled around when I could play the drum for the very first time.

I was so excited, until I picked her up and noticed that she was all floppy. It was the cold weather. We hadn't had the fire going for a few days and I didn't want to get the hairdryer onto her.

I made a fire that night to warm up the house. 

The next morning, drum looked great! Back to her firmness. I picked her up and did one beat. 

Ooooo, the vibrations. I love it! I then drummed myself from toes to head and back again. Our daughter Shay, wanted in on this so I drummed her too. Then I drummed my husband who was watching us. I even drummed Sammy dog (He wasn't too sure of it lol)

Shay drummed me. We noticed the difference in sound that drum was giving us when it went up our legs. Still trying to figure her out and having fun along the way.

I am being told by my guides not to use drum on the verandah as the cold air will effect  her performance. That's where the Reiki table is at the moment - outside. Oh well. I look forward to using her on a client when the time comes. 

I remain open. Being guided and working with drum on myself at the moment, and the fam of course :) Going with the flow. 




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