Drums Public Debut


My NZ Deer made her very first public debut tonight before meditation class. Since class was small, we started with a drum bath followed by two guided meditations by the fire ???

I'm so thankful to my meditation people. Tonight as I individually drummed the ladies, I got to learn more about how drum works. 

I started drumming at the feet of my person. I slowly moved drum up her body and kept on beating like a heart beat pulse. When I got to the tummy area, drum would not let me move for a while. I found this fascinating and mentioned it to the lady. She understood.

I had to keep on beating drum at the tummy. My mind said - keep moving - but no matter how hard I tried to lift drum to move upward, I simply couldn't. I wasn't moving until drum let me move. Very cool. My deer was doing what she said she would do. 

I often experience this while giving Reiki as well. Sometimes my Guides  hold me in place until it's time to move on. Gotta love it! 

I'm really excited to learn more from drum as we continue working together.

I will be setting up the Reiki Room INSIDE again soon (at the end of July 2021) and then drumming will be offered as part of a session. So looking forward to this :) xoxo  




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