Drum Is Born


Today, 12th June 2021 at 4.54pm my New Zealand Deer Drum was birthed ? We were taken through a journey where I met my Puma animal guide for this trip.

Down through the tree to the beautiful garden with the weeping willow and tiny flying things of feather and light. Crystal cave, flowing stream and mossy rocks. ?

And there she stood. My Deer. Puma stood back as I approached Deer. With one hand over her third eye and the other under her chin, she spoke to me ?

Other parts of her body were used to fulfill different things, and her hide is specific to this journey we must share together.

I didn't want to leave her and her freckled face, as a tear fell from my eye.

She said this will be a powerful journey for both of us and all involved as she works through me, into others ???

I wanted to stay and learn more from her but our guide was calling us back.

Fascinated, Puma returned me back up through the tree to the surface ???

Deer Drum was birthed today with the guidance of some beautiful teachers and healing peers and I am ever so thankful ?

She sits on the bookshelf now, to heal as she dries, and already sharing her enthusiasm with me. I see her in my minds eye, skipping, excited, joyous and yet patiently waiting.

Oh gosh. And so begins a part of my next chapter. ?????

Deer Drum will be ready to work in meditations and healings in 3 weeks time ?? Loving this journey xoxo




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