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Use the following hand positions as a guide when you begin working with Reiki energy for healing of other people. You could be drawn to place your hands to positions that are not listed below. This is your intuition so go with it, follow it. Use common sense, obviously do not touch private areas. If you are attuned to Reiki, simply enjoy the Reiki energy as it flows THROUGH you. (not from you ;) Get out of your own way.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, you could also find these healing hand positions for other people beneficial. Simply follow along and use the intention of healing with each move. 

Shout Out : Thank You to my husband for being our model and to our daughter CJ for taking the following photos for me and our Reiki Degrees Online Course. These images are subject to copyright. 

First of all, connect with your Spirit Team and Reiki Guides . . . and then follow along with the images below.
Hold each position for as long as you are guided to do so. Enjoy xo

The Eyes

Hands are together with thumbs touching. Carefully cup your hands so that the palms are not touching the eyes or eyelashes. Slowly place the base of the hands on top of the forehead with the fingers gently resting on the cheeks. Keep the nose area clear so your recipient can breathe without your hands in the way.

If your hands are often sweaty, place a tissue over the eyes of recipient.

The Ears

Place your hands on each side of the head, cupped over the ears with fingers pointing toward the feet.


Top of Head

Place base of your hands together and rest them on the crown of the head with fingers extending toward the ears. If you are a shorter person like me, you can have fingers extending toward the forehead (as in the picture). If you are a taller person, you could have base of your hands  at the forehead and fingers extending down to the pillow / back of the head. Be comfortable when healing others.


Back of the Head, Occipital Region

Gently cradle the head in your hands, the hands are touching and the fingers are at the base of the skull.

The Shoulders

Place your hands over the collarbone with the fingers pointing toward the feet and the thumbs under the neck or thumbs forward with fingers as in picture.



The Throat

The hands are under the chin and over the throat. One hand is over the other.  Use very light pressure and be careful not to touch the throat.

You can also have your hands like a tipi  over the throat. Whichever position is more comfortable for you.


The Heart 

Place your left hand under the neck and the right hand over the heart.

Hands can also simply be placed directly on the chest for men and hovering over the chest for women (Private space) 



Hand Alignment for Abdomen Positions

Place the fingers of one hand at the base of the other hand with either hand on top, whichever is most comfortable.  

Place your hands on the upper abdomen along the ribs. 


Place your hands on the middle of the abdomen across the navel area. 

Place your hands on the lower abdomen area. Note the hands are placed a little higher to avoid the genitals. If Reiki is required to the genital area, use the same hand position but with hands off. 


The Feet

Hold the right foot with both hands in a way that is comfortable.

Hold the left foot with both hands in a way that is comfortable.


Hold both feet in a way that is comfortable for you. You may feel guided to place your palms on the bottom of the feet.



If you used three to ten minutes for each position so far, the session would have lasted forty-five minutes to an hour and a half.

You may now go on to treat the back. Continue with the back if the client has back problems or if your intuition indicates to treat the back.

Remember : Reiki directs itself and will often flow to places beyond where your hands are positioned. The back often received Reiki when treating other parts of the body, especially when treating the feet.

Place your hands over the upper shoulder area


Using the same hand alignment for the stomach, place your hands on the upper back.

Move your hands down to the middle of the back.


When you have finished treating your client, thank your Spirit Team and cut all energy cords associated with this session 

Move your hands down to the lower back.

This is an alternate position and can be used if you feel guided to use it. Place your right hand behind the heart and your left hand on the base of the spine. You may also be guided to place your right hand on the crown of the head.

Find a volunteer
 to practise on or use a few pillows as a pretend person. A real person would be better because then you could tune into their energy ;) 

When your person is comfortable, follow along with the video. The following 25 minute video is available to course members in the 1st Degree Usui Reiki Training Module. Simply follow along in the course area  with the video as I walk you through giving a Reiki treatment to another person 

When you feel that your session is finished, give thanks to your Spirit Team and  cut energy cords.

There is no need to study the body in order to give Reiki. Once you are attuned to the Reiki energy, simply connect with your Spirit Team and Reiki Guides, place your hands on the recipient or yourself, and the recipients  body will draw in what it needs at that particular point in time. Remember, Reiki has an intelligence of it's own. It knows where to go and what to do. 

The more you work with Reiki, the more intuitive you will become, your vibration will be raised and you will experience more balance in mind and life. This is not a "one hit wonder". This is a new way of being. You can liken it to an apprenticeship. Take your time. Practise often and learn as Reiki grows you so that you can eventually step into the Master potential that you absolutely have access to. 

When giving or receiving Reiki, drink plenty of water throughout the day to help with energy flow. 

Remember, the more you use Reiki, the stronger it becomes.  Reiki can only serve us if we use it. If we don't use it, not much is going to happen. However, when we do use it regularly, so many positive changes can take place in our lives. This is Source Energy we are dealing with. It can flow us to the highest version of what we can become. Use it. Become it. Heal and Enjoy xo 

Take time now to organise a volunteer to practice your Reiki on. Be patient with yourself as you calm your mind and tune into your clients energy field to receive any messages that spirit might want to pass through you. 

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Reiki Hugs xo

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