#2 Calm Your Mind to Heighten Intuition For Energy  Healing 

Work your way down the page one step at a time. Don't skip anything. You've got this!

Before we get started, let me draw a picture in your mind for you about where healing energy comes from...

There is one way I can put this all together so it makes sense for you plus, it’s important to understand if you’re going to be working with it. 

In Layman's Terms, there is Source energy and some call it the Divine, God, Universe etc. Basically it’s the consciousness of All That Is, All That Was and All That Ever Will Be…   We’ll just call it Source (it’s a lot quicker to type) lol

Source was just hangin’ out one day as it did, and Source wanted to expand itself, to grow, to be more.

Long story short, it shot off a piece of itself called Kelly (that’s me btw) and another piece called Your Name  (that’s you), and another piece called …

Well, you get the drift. So here we all are, little pieces of Source energy running all over the planet and some, completely oblivious that they are bits of All That Is, All That Was and All That Ever Will Be (and you’ll get to Know this as you go along)

So we stumble our way through life forgetting all about Who-We-Really-Are as we play in this human experience. And then one day, we know something is missing. It's a deep Calling from within that needs to be answered. 

This is your Higher Guidance. Your intuition. This is the Source within you quietly nudging you to Remember. It's time. It's time xo

I mentioned in the email, how frustrating it was for me when I first started with energy healing because of all the doubts that went through my mind. Don't let any doubts stop you through this Journey okay. It’s completely okay to have doubts - It really is! Just keep moving forward and I'll give you everything I've got to help any doubts to simply  slip away.

Now I can’t say to you - just believe in yourself - because that won’t work. You’ve got to experience it for yourself to believe it and when you practise a few easy peasy things, you certainly will get to experience more of You.

So that’s the basic outline to all of this. You’re already It! You’re already connected to healing energy because you are Source. 

But since we've forgotten all this, you need to prepare yourself before being able to use energy healing. So let’s take things down a notch to get real simple. Simple is good. Simple is in fact, VERY good 

So this brings us to calming the mind. Yes, let's start with shutting up that mind chatter.



Basic belly breathing is always a great place to start… And you're going to have it done before you reach the end of reading this web page :)

Don’t freak out, you don’t have to get all “monkish guru been meditating for years” kinda thing

No way! That would be too hard and we want simple. Simple is good.

So, as you’re reading this…

Breathe in through your nose …  s l o w l y

And as you’re breathing in s l o w l y…

Feel your belly blow up   s l o w l y    just like a balloon fills with air …

And then release . . .

Let's add to this …

Put your hands on your tummy…

And breathe in slowly.... as full as you can

No one’s watching… You’ve got this 

And then exhale slowly…. Yep, I said “slowly” again

You’re doing all this while you’re reading - cool aye? :-)

When you  e x h a l e    s l o w l y … 

Exhale so much that it could feel like your belly is touching your backbone

Not literally but hey, that’s just a visual for you to go by to get the feeling as you exhale

So have another go … hand on belly … breathe in as belly fills up like a balloon … ... ... ... and then exhale super slowly  to backbone

Wow, look at you go! Let's do that one more time . . .



Hand on belly … breathe in belly like a balloon filling up … ... ... ... exhale to backbone

Awesome! Don’t look now but you just “calmed your farm” and shut up that mind chatter. Too easy  ;-)

As you were focused on the breathing process, any mind chatter stopped. This is the power of a calm mind with belly breathing. Enjoy it xo

You’re going to need a calm mind for next week when you call your spirit team to help you with energy healing work. So I'll leave you with a video below that will help you achieve this. 

Do this at least once a day for the next week so your body gets use to what "slowing down" and  "calmness" feels like.  It can be quite foreign to many people - being calm. So hop to it. It literally only takes 60 seconds and you are so worth this xo

Until next week, take care of you,


With Love,
Kelly Flack xo


Calming your mind is so important. Focus on your breath.
How are you going so far? Comment below . . .


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