Reiki Tips

Tip 1 :

When you're receiving a reiki treatment, your body is taking as much as it needs at any given point int time. So the practitioner is not actually GIVING you reiki, we're channelling reiki.

So the body soaks in what it needs, which is why, when you're receiving reiki from someone, they might hover their hands at certain parts of the body for longer periods than other parts, it's because we can't move our hands because we're being told by our Spirit Team, "you need to stay there for longer because this part of the body might need a bit more TLC"

If you'd rather watch the video shorts which has all of these tips in it CLICK HERE for the Youtube playlist of Reiki Shorts :) 

Tip 2: 

When I'm giving my reiki sessions, I'm picking up on different messages that come through from different chakra centres in your body, different parts of the body as well.

The right arm represents the physical journey and is also connected to the heart chakra. So love or lack of love. Often I'm shown people "pushing others away" in the physical journey.

In the left arm, sometimes I'm shown people that might have passed on because the left side is the spiritual journey. Yeah, quite often a lot of people do come through and let themselves be known as just being there around the table as you're going through your session.



Tip 3

Bashar said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "everything in life has no meaning at all, except for the meaning you give it".

So, you know, that's a phrase that you can think about and it really does make sense. Someone can throw anger at you for example, and before you jump and react or respond, just having a look at that sitting there, observe it and think, okay, this has no meaning at all until I give it some.

So what am I prepared to use my energy on? Am I going to be angry back at them? Am I going to let it sit there for a while, you can just leave it and walk away.

Everything in life has no meaning at all, except for the meaning you give it. That was a really big one for me when I did hear it the first time I was thinking shit, that's real because we do have the choice of jumping in on something and jumping into the chaos or the drama of something that might be going on around us, or just stepping back and watching it unfold and not attaching.




Tip 4

 When you're going to work, is it feeling like it's become a toxic environment and you just don't want to be there anymore?

Perhaps you've got work colleagues that are talking behind your back?

So first of all, realising that your mindset plays a massive role in what you have in your environment at the moment including work. So your mind, your thoughts are energetic in vibration and when you're putting those thoughts out there, they turn into a feeling a belief, which in turn calls back what you're getting. So if you're putting out a victim mentality, of course there's going to be people around you to make sure you feel like the victim. Put out a confident perspective, a confident point of view.

Another thing that could help you in toxic work environments is the protection symbols. If you're attuned to 2nd degree reiki you can do these for yourself. Draw these symbols in front of you and walk into them and these will cover you with protection and do them over your back as well.


Tip 5

Tourmaline protects from negative energy. I had this at the front door one day when I realised the power behind it and one of my clients was coming for her session.

The crystal was at the door and she steps up to come into the house. I said "Hi come on in" she steps up and she goes "ooo, can we change it for another day?" 

I didn't understand what was happening. I said "this is your time though, you're a regular every couple of weeks. This is your timeslot, come on" and she tried again

"Ooo, no I'll change it" and I didn't understand what was going on until my spirit team planted an image of he tourmaline in my mind. I'm thinking s**t, the tourmalines at the door.

I looked at her and said let me just tidy up these shoes because we always had shoes scattered all over the veranda when the kids were here and everything. So I bent down, moved a few shoes, picked up the tourmaline, put it in my pocket without her seeing and then I stepped back into the house and I said "are you sure now?" .

She looked at me and stepped up and she goes "yeah okay then". And she could come in after that.



Tip 6

I actually do distant healing session. I'll put a link a link down further if you want to check that out and book a session for yourself.

With distant sessions obviously you don't even have to be in the room because it's over distance. It can be done for anywhere in the world. I get your details, I tune up to your energy and I get messages coming through that I write down and I send them to you. But also sending reiki through to you to help shift anything that's not of benefit to you at this point in time. 

We respect your privacy.

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