A 1950s Life Re-emerges

My client was going through some things at work so she spoke up and let the boss know how she had had a difficult week. One difficult week in over many many years of work.  Instead of getting help and support to get her back on track again, her boss tried  to bring some form of control over her and how voicing her opinion, could be done in a more suitable way. 

I listened to her talk.  She spoke with such a great passion and she was all fired up around what was being done and how wrong it was.

She had reached a point where every fibre of her being simply knew, that this wasn't right! She felt like she had to voice her mind even further to let the boss know that what they were  doing was very very wrong. (I have permission from my client to share this story)


My client relaxed on the massage table as I performed a chakra check to see what was going on. Her root chakra energy was blocked.  This chakra relates to work, finances and living so it was understandable with what she was going through. However, her crown chakra was also blocked and I didn't understand why. Crown relates to ones connection with their higher energy and my client was usually pretty good at this. All the other chakras were either balanced or imbalanced which is usually normal for her. I kept on working and knew that my Guides would give me whatever it was that I was to pass onto my client.

I was guided to balance her root chakra first. With my hands on her right knee and leg, I was shown my client standing strong in her truth and walking her talk. I made a note of this to pass onto her. 

My Guides told me to put the distance symbol over her right leg. As soon as I did that, I was shown a past life of my clients. It was her last life that she had lived. 

It was the 1950's and she was wearing a white top, big open collar, the shirt tied at the waist. She had a chequered red and white head scarf that held her hair back out of her eyes. She also had 3/4 pants on. 

She was very sad - depressed, angry and resentful. She was a housewife and I was shown her sewing and crying. It felt like she wanted more than this. She wanted her own freedom and her own voice.

She was so upset about this as the hurt welled up in her eyes. She spoke out to her husband about how she was feeling and she spoke with such a great passion as she was all fired up around what was taking place. (sound familiar?) 

Her husband wouldn't stand for this and he soon put her back into her place. Her job was to wait on him because he was the bread winner and that's all there was to it.

She died in her early 30s. I wasn't told how she passed over. It just felt like in her early 30s.

I kept on working balancing the rest of her body, picking up messages along the way, and then I finally got a message about why her crown chakra was blocked. 

This past life had come up for clearing and to be used as a lesson moving forward.

In her 1950s life, society was telling her how she should be and how she should act. Now, in this life, her boss was trying to do the exact same thing. 

In her 1950s life, she spoke out with such passion, all fired up. I explained that great passion and being all fired up, comes with an off balanced energy to some degree. Yes, there is passion which is great. But being all fired up, can have a more tense energy around it.

My client has choices to make. Remain silent and just put up with it - which is not gonna happen lol. Or to speak to her boss, just as she had done to her husband in the 1950's . . . . or try speaking with passion and balance/calmness. That's a whole other energy.  But hey, they both feel good ;) 

I was also shown 2 balls of yarn/wool. One was held in each hand, fingers pinched holding the end of the wool and they were thrown at the same time. One ball of wool went straight. The other went all over the place. I told my client this. 

We had a laugh as we both know that this whole life thing, really is one big game and we are creating it in every moment. 

How exciting! What will she choose? Which way will it go?  That's up to her. Just like your life, is up to you. Be aware of your own energy. What will you create? 

Thank you for allowing me to share this - you know who you are. And bestest of choices to you my dear xoxo  When I was searching for an image to go with this post, I came across "The good wife's guide". Looks like it was published in a Housekeeping Monthly magazine of some sort on 13th May 1955. I have added it below. 








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