#5 Your Inner Guidance System

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So you've watched the videos . . . . and I'd like to add a little more to that. If your inner guidance got you to turn left, and you listened . . .  maybe you would encounter road blocks that way. If this happens, look at it in a positive light.

Maybe you were guided this way to slow down for some reason. Maybe up ahead there is something that you're not meant to see or be involved in.

Your inner guidance system is part of Source. Remember that  you are an extension of All That Is so of course your inner guide is connected to All That Is and is Guiding you accordingly. Listen :) (or not - the choice is always yours) 


A huge thank you to Abraham-Hicks for some of the following information on this page.

The direction of your thought is YOUR choice.

If you have had an unfavourable life, you have probably been creating it by default.

Have you noticed that the one who speaks most of illness has it? 
The one who speaks most of prosperity has it. 
When you feel lonely you cannot attract companionship. 
If you're feeling fat, you cannot attract thin. 
If you're feeling poor, you cannot attract prosperity.

You must take your attention from 'what is' and place it on what is preferred. If you can only see 'what is', by law of attraction you will only create more of what is.


All human beings, without exception, are receiving communication from their inner being by the way of emotion.

People look for answers 'out there' in the world from friends, family etc The answers are not out there. The answers are within so go within or go without.

Listen to your inner being. Your inner being is the non-physical counterpart of yourself. We have a partner in this life and it speaks to us in the form of “feelings”. With this built in Guide, we are never alone.

This is called by many names. Inner being, inner-self, voice within, inner voice, inner-christ, soul etc

Trust your inner being.

It is YOU.

Your non-physical self guiding you.

Don't double check with others if what your inner being is telling you is right. Others can't FEEL your inner being. They have their own. Others can't think your thoughts for you. They have their own thoughts.

Your inner being understands this “law of attraction”. Everything Is Energy and Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

When you are giving thought to what you do not want, your inner being will provide you with negative feelings which is telling you, you are thinking about things that you do not want. Things that will not benefit you.

However, when you are giving thought to what you do want, your inner being will provide you with positive feelings which is telling you, you are thinking about things that will benefit you. You are on the right track. Think about what you WANT! 

Another may come to tell you that what you want is not going to happen. I came across this very situation.

A friend of mine, who was meaning well from his point of view, once told me that I would never be able to build my own website. He said "Look here Kel, there's just too much involved with HTML coding, body tags and then there's advertising. Realistically speaking, you just won't be able to do it".

I looked him straight in the eye with a smile and said...

"that's YOUR reality - not mine."

We ALL have the power to push away those negative thoughts from within ourselves and from other people.

Get back on track to what you WANT and EXPECT IT! 

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo



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