Self Care

Thank you for having me at your staff gathering. Here are some videos and links as mentioned on the day. 

Use What Works For You

Rewire your mind daily by deleting negative thought. Click the image below  to go to three  videos and follow along


Scooping Energy

If you'd like to learn Reiki please click here  and learn more


Remember Bashars words. Everything in life has no meaning at all, except for the meaning you give it

More techniques for the heart chakra
can be accessed at Heart Space

 At the end of every day take a moment to peel back energy from you that doesn't belong to you

There are many free follow along videos that you're welcome to soak in  here on my Facebook business page. Enjoy! 


Cutting Cords From the Day Gone By

This video is part of the Online Reiki Training Program but still, just cut cords from the day gone by

Elevator Pitches

More energy clearing ways for throat chakra can be found with Communication (coming soon)


Moving Feelings & Emotions
with "The Helmet"

To shift even more energy around sacral chakra (and relationships) check out  Relationship Relief

Feeling "not good enough?"
10 Things I Like About Me

If you feel like you need to build yourself up even more,
take a look at Confident Calm


Youtube Playlist : Clear Your Home of Heavy Energies - Click Here to Watch


Know Your  Chakras 

Chakra Workshops are held in person and also online if this is something that you'd like to dive into more deeply.

Crystal Work 

Crystal Workshops are held in person and also online too 

Enjoy the energy that you absolutely are!

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