Chakra Awareness Process

Become aware of some internal physical symptoms and some external life reality symptoms that you could be experiencing due to your chakra energy being blocked or imbalanced

When you become completely aware of how your chakras are performing, you'll know if they are blocked, imbalanced or flowing efficiently. Understanding this, gives you the absolute power to be able to change them.

Each of your chakra energies explained even further . . .


Poor thought around money, job or living can cause blocked energy which resides in the root chakra.

Physically, this blocked energy can bring about sciatica and pain anywhere from the hips down to the toes.

Externally, this energy can continue to push money away from your reality. Learn how to shift this energy.


Poor thought around specific people in your life can cause unhealthy and sometimes toxic relationships.

Physically, this heavy energy can bring about menstrual pain, sexual problems, inner conflict.

Externally, this energy can cause tension in any current or future relationships. Make it easier.


Poor thought around your self and your abilities can cause low self esteem and lack of confidence.

Physically, this blocked energy can bring about anxiety, frustration and indigestion.

Externally, you could repress emotions, work too much or be seen as a 'control freak'. Build yourself up.


Poor thought toward the things that you have in life, or toward yourself, can cause blocked energy in the heart chakra.

Physically, this could cause immune system or heart problems including depression.

Externally, you could sabotage relationships, distrust others or experience loneliness. Love without conditions.



The inability to be able to express yourself easily, can cause blocked energy in the throat chakra.

Physically, this blocked energy can cause mouth, throat, neck, thyroid and upper shoulder problems.

Externally, you could feel like nobody cares about your opinions, or you could  often hold words in. Words are energy.


Poor thought around decision making and regularly using the words "I don't know", can cause blocked energy in the 3rd eye chakra.

Physically, this can block your intuitive guidance and cause headaches, self doubt and nightmares.

Externally, you could feel helpless or lost when it comes to facing decisions. Heighten your inner guidance.


Taking on beliefs from childhood or society without questioning it, can cause blocked energy in the crown chakra. 

Physically, this blocked energy could bring on migraines, tension headaches and confusion.

Externally, you could feel disconnected from life and experience days that seem meaningless. Connect with your higher self.


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